Semitrailer Tank Truck Structure.

Semitrailer tank truck is a tank truck connected with the tow part by traction head. Compared with ordinary single type tank truck, semitrailer tank truck can effectively improve the transportation efficiency. In the case of the same tonnage, reduce transportation cost and save fuel consumption. It is mainly composed of tank, frame, traction device, supporting device, electrical system, walking system, protective device, accessories and so on.


Semitrailer tank truck is divided into two parts, the tank part and support tank body skeleton or driving part, semitrailer tank truck rear is roughly the same, there are two bridges (two shafts), rear three bridges (three shafts) points, according to the need to choose traction head. Semitrailer tank trucks are usually called by the brand of the tractor head.


Semitrailer tank body

1. The tank is made of 4mm or 6mm high quality carbon steel produced by iron and steel company according to the national standard. The shape is divided into oval or square shape tank, which can be loaded with 1-4 kinds of oil products. Also can produce heat preservation series tank.


2. Alcohol and chemical tank cars are made of stainless steel imported from South Korea, with a thickness of 4mm-5mm.


3. All kinds of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, lye tank trailers are made of plastic, the thickness is 12mm - 22mm.


4. The tank body is equipped with multiple anti-wave partitions. The use of high pressure gas leakage detection, so that the tank has high strength, stable center of gravity, safe and stable vehicle transport characteristics.


5. According to the use of tank trailer can choose centrifugal pump, gear pump, stainless steel pump, with large flow, suction speed and other characteristics.


6. Tank metering can choose single count, double count flow meter, also can assemble tax control computer refueling machine, install 10-15 meters automatic retractable coil, with refueling gun. Edible oil can choose edible oil computer meter to measure.


Semitrailer tank truck features

1.Use medium: gas and diesel.

2.Tank material: carbon steel, aluminum alloy.

3.Tank shape: oval and round.

4.Unloading system: Bottom loading system, oil recovery system, overflow control system.

5.Features: Light weight, large load weight, high transportation efficiency and operating income, good electrical conductivity, high safety, no rust, no pollution to the shipping medium.