Reliable Dump Trailer Must Have These Characteristics..

First of all, the structure of the vehicle design should be reasonable, and the center of gravity of the chassis should be as low as possible. According to the load, cargo type, road condition and driver's driving habits of the dump semi trailer, systematic planning and design should be carried out to meet different use needs.

Reliable Dump Trailer

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Second, the material should be real, seemingly the same steel actually has high strength, manganese steel, ordinary carbon steel, which is only high strength and divided into 700,900,980 and other model differences, its durable strength is gradually increased with the label, the weight of the body can be gradually reduced, but the cost will also increase.

Again the processing technology of the vehicle should pass the tests, but now with the popularity of mechanical automation, in the process of vehicle processing blanking, welding and other processes many factories have realized the basic automation operation, the production process has been greatly improved.

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In addition, after welding molding, surface sandblasting and rust removal are needed to better increase the adhesion of the paint.

The paint spraying should be uniform, the coverage should be comprehensive, the paint can also be divided into alkyd paint and high-grade polyurethane paint, considering the structural characteristics of semi-trailer, the spraying mode is mostly the semi-automatic mode combined with manual and machine, many manufacturers also began to try the electrophoretic coating emerging in recent years.

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The reasonable lightweight matching of the whole vehicle, the dumping industry also follows the criterion of the truck light pulling more goods, but considering the particularity of the nature of the work of the dump truck, it must not be blindly lightweight.

In addition to the selection of high strength material body structure, the application of aluminum alloy accessories can also be regarded as a good choice, such as aluminum alloy rim, toolbox, legs, mud tiles and other overall weight reduction will be about 400 kg.

In addition, the quality of key parts should be reliable, such as the axle, domestic axle and domestic joint venture brand axle and imported axle price is very different, quality, practice has proved that it is a penny for a penny certainly is right.

The hydraulic lifting system should be stable, the design of the oil circuit should be reasonable, and the lifting of the oil cylinder should be synchronized. The hydraulic system is the power source of the dump truck tipping and unloading. It is composed of the pump group, valve group, oil tank, pipeline, cylinder and other main components.

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In addition, the installed tires need to have the guarantees commitment, dump trailers are generally matched 12.00 vacuum tires, high-quality tires are an important guarantee for driving safety, choose the brand guarantee tires, in order to better escort for driving safety.